Monday, December 29, 2008

Laugh it off... It will be new year soon...

In a few days time it will be New Year. Let me share a joke that happened on a New Years' eve with you.

A Bad Dream?

Amma was taking an afternoon nap on New Year's Eve before the festivities. After she woke up, she confided to Amoako, her husband, 'I just dreamt that you gave me a diamond ring for a New Year's present. What do you think it all means?'

'Aha, you'll know tonight,' answered Amoako smiling broadly.

At midnight, as the New Year was chiming, Amoako approached Amma and handed her a small package. Delighted and excited she opened it quickly. There in her hand rested a book entitled: 'The meaning of dreams'.

Happy New Year!!!

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